Thursday, December 11, 2014

I really don't like good-byes

As the month of December comes to a close, as does the traditional school semester, we get ready to bid "adieu" to our wonderful Intern - Natalie Stone.  She came to us from California Lutheran University and currently plays for the Women's Basketball team.  She was a welcome addition to our Staff this semester and would brighten up our office with her positive energy and attitude.

Time is really flying.  Natalie started Interning for us back in July and now, she is wrapping up her assignments and preparing to leave next week.  Her assistance came at a key moment since thanks to her, many open or pending projects were completed dutifully and efficiently.  But before leaving, I was able to ask her a few questions about the time she spent here with us, sort of an exit interview I guess I can call it, and the following is her response:

During my six months at Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County I have met some of the nicest, most genuine people who right away welcomed me onto their team. The employees have the biggest hearts and want to help as many people in their community as possible. Everyday I came into the office I had the chance to help on different projects. I was able to learn from each staff member and I am taking little pieces of advice with me from each of them. The greatest lesson I learned from Habitat is concept of time. The employees and volunteers of Habitat for Humanity make a difference in people’s lives and the community everyday. Just by giving your time and going the extra mile when needed the staff and volunteers from Habitat amaze me with what they are able to accomplish each day. The staff uses their time and effort to help others around them daily.
I absolutely loved helping with the Hearts for Hammers dinner in early October. I had the chance to have my hand in many aspects of the event. From planning, decorating, the silent auction, and tear down I really got to see the work that goes in behind the scenes of this nonprofit. Hearing the testimonies from the Habitat home owners was such a humbling experience and makes all the work in the office and behind the scenes so worth it to see that Habitat for Humanity really does change people’s lives for the better. The event was a total success, and I am so happy I had the opportunity to be apart of it.
I will miss the staff here at Habitat for Humanity of Ventura the most. Each staff member has taken me under their wing to teach me new skills and help me succeed. I could never thank them enough for welcoming me on their team and always being there to answer all my questions. This is a really special group of people and I feel honored to have gotten the opportunity to learn from them and work along side this remarkable staff.

Thank your time and effort Natalie!  We will absolutely miss you, but we will certainly not forget you!  Your Habitat family wishes you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!

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