Friday, May 25, 2012

Way to go Kim!

Yesterday afternoon, Stacy Swanson our Executive Director, gave Habitat Board Members and Staff some great news regarding Kim Larkins, our Board of Directors Chair, Construction Crew Leader and friend.

Kim (on the right) hard at work with volunteers
It just so happens that Kim is one of a select few that is being recognized for her dedication by Amgen.  She is receiving the 2011 Amgen Excellence in Volunteering Award.  And with this honor, our affiliate will receive $5,000.  For more info on Amgen's contributions and Kim's accomplishment check out:

The funds will go a long way and that's awesome.  What's even greater is Kim's achievement.

Way to go Kim!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Women Build 2012 is underway

As most of our followers are aware, this week is Habitat for Humanity International's Women Build Week 2012.  Locally, there are many great ladies working hard to build homes for our next two homeowners, which happen to be women as well.  It's a wonderful event and just below is a narration from Angela, one of yesterday's awesome volunteers. 

HFH homeowner Rosa pitches in during Women Build 2011

"Today was a great build day for the 18 Monsanto people, and the 6 Lowe's crew that showed up. Everyone involved was gracious and giving. The major projects today comprised of laying shingles, painting, and some inside pre-drywall work. Everyone met Maria and she even made new friends. It was very hot and we encouraged sunblock and water intake....some lost track of their bottles. Lowe's brought some bags to give away and will again tomorrow. Debra brought oranges and Angela brought crystal light. We had pizza for lunch instead of McDonalds, but no one seemed to mind, and munched on the trail mix snacks while waiting for delivery. The toilets the park were open which made it very nice. Matt and Mike were great and helpful as well as the regular very experienced volunteer crew. Coffee was brought in by Denise from Monsanto....Starbucks makes gallon to go insulated containers....I had forgotten how innovative Americans are when it comes to convenience items. I think that covers most of our day. Thanks so much for allowing me to participate." 
Kind regards,

Thank you Angela, for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

INTUIT chips in at the office

Last Thursday, the weather didn't cooperate and as a result, we couldn't host any volunteers at the Stroube site. The good folk from INTUIT, which have become regular volunteers with us, had signed up to to work but had no where to go.

Well, taking advantage of their humble disposition, we asked if they could pitch in at the office and help with some much needed routine maintenance.  We also had gobs and gobs of data entry that needed to be taken care of.  So without batting an eye, they jumped right into the fray, no questions asked.  Some of them even helped at the ReStore.  Thanks to them, part of our modest office had some fresh paint applied, the day's ReStore donations were processed quickly and the data entry work was completed - ALL of it.

How cool are these volunteers?

Their spirit of service is awesome!  This goes to show that whether it's volunteering at a construction or home preservation site, at either ReStore or pitching in at the office, the cause is one and the same, a county where everyone has a decent place to live.