Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's All About Thanks

I can never say thank you enough to all the volunteers, consultants, professionals and everyday folk that I have had the fortune of meeting while on the job.  We are truly blessed to have so many caring folks who have an interest in our work and in supporting our affiliate.

With that said, special thanks are in order for the 2 gentlemen pictured below.

This is Tito, our Site Supervisor (pictured on the left) and Juan Carlo, photographer extraordinaire for the VC Star (pictured on the right).  Tito is a bulldog and a go-getter and will not stop until the job is done.  Tito's can-do spirit is contagious and we are lucky to have him.  Thank you for being a member of our team.  I don't know much about photography except for the term "point and shoot".  But what I do know is that Juan Carlo is an artist.  His down-to earth style and sensibility are reflected in his work and we are very fortunate to have him capture life happening on our jobsites for the many readers of the VC Star.  Thank you for helping tell our story and for your support!

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