Tuesday, May 1, 2012

INTUIT chips in at the office

Last Thursday, the weather didn't cooperate and as a result, we couldn't host any volunteers at the Stroube site. The good folk from INTUIT, which have become regular volunteers with us, had signed up to to work but had no where to go.

Well, taking advantage of their humble disposition, we asked if they could pitch in at the office and help with some much needed routine maintenance.  We also had gobs and gobs of data entry that needed to be taken care of.  So without batting an eye, they jumped right into the fray, no questions asked.  Some of them even helped at the ReStore.  Thanks to them, part of our modest office had some fresh paint applied, the day's ReStore donations were processed quickly and the data entry work was completed - ALL of it.

How cool are these volunteers?

Their spirit of service is awesome!  This goes to show that whether it's volunteering at a construction or home preservation site, at either ReStore or pitching in at the office, the cause is one and the same, a county where everyone has a decent place to live.

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